Moon Knight The Reason Is Oscar Isaac Ethan Hawke Who Reportedly Joined A Marvel Series, Must Read


Ethan Hawke recently credited Oscar Isaac with helping him plan to join the forthcoming Moon Knight Television series from Marvel Studios/Disney+.

However, as an actor, that’s where I’m at. To be honest, I love the way that Moon Knight is a lesser-known story that allows for more artistic freedom, “Well, it’s where I’m at as an actor. A lot of it, to be honest, I love the fact that Moon Knight is a lesser-known story and allows more creative freedom, “A lot of it, to be honest. “The director is Mohamed Diab and he’s a brilliant guy. I’ve seen a couple of his movies and wanted to work with him anyway. I had a meeting with him about another project of his.”

Hawke added that, however, Isaac’s inclusion in the project was what really sealed the deal for him. He then continued to honor the hero of the Star Wars trilogy sequel.

‘I like what he does in his life,’ said Hawke. “He reminds me of the actors, when I first arrived in New York, that I looked up to. Oscar’s younger than me and I like the way he carries himself and I like the way he thinks.” The actor said, “And in general, good things happen when you’re in the room with people that you like the way they think, right?”

Hawke also revealed that he wants to invest in ventures that speak to the amount of time in which he works, adding, “I’m trying to live in my time.”

And I’m trying to do a great job… With the time I am given. In the art world… You’re going to make good choices, you’re going to make bad choices,” he continued. “But the one thing that you certainly monitor is the care that you bring into what you do.

Although Isaac was not publicly revealed by Marvel Studios as part of the cast of Moon Knight, the show’s filmmaker Gregory Middleton recently confirmed his presence on social media. “He is, that’s why I included that headline. 🙂 Can’t give any details of course.”He is, that’s why I included that headline.:) Can’t, of course, give any details.

It has been previously reported that in the Moon Knight series, Hawke would play an undisclosed villain and Ramy actor May Calamawy was also cast in an unspecified role.

Moon Knight, directed by Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson, and Aaron Moorhead and written by Jeremy Slater, has no release date yet. On Disney+, the series will premiere.


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