Mortal Kombat 12: When Will We Get A Sequel?

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“Mortal Kombat” is a legendary series. It’s been around since 1992 and has spawned ten sequels, with “Mortal Kombat 11” being the most recent bloodbath for fans.

It’s the ideal fighting game for someone who loves a visual spectacle, with a supply of blood that would make a butcher lose their lunch and larger-than-life characters.

The series not only has its own unforgettable cast of fighters, but it also features some of the greatest (and sometimes worst) guest characters in any action franchise. There’s a lot to like!

There’s also a lot to like in the most recent instalment, which features a compelling plot, gritty action, and a lot of nostalgia. Could it be the ultimate “Mortal Kombat” game, with so much to offer?

However, “Mortal Kombat 11” isn’t getting any younger. With the passage of time, fans will undoubtedly wonder when the next instalment in the series will be out. This is what you need to hear about the “Mortal Kombat 12” release date.

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What does Mortal Kombat 12 have in store for the future? 

The series seems to be coming to an end in “Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath,” as Liu Kang is charged with reshaping time, implying the end of the MK saga. However, as series co-creator Ed Boone explained in an interview, although that chapter of the story might have ended, the franchise has yet to experience a “Fatality.” He also hinted at several new fighters as well as a huge surprise.

Unfortunately, no release date has been set, so gamers can only guess about what the next instalment could look like for the time being. According to Lawrence Maldonado of Screen Rant, the next game’s cast of fighters will be totally reset.

Sergio Pereira, writing for Fortress of Solitude, claims “MK 12” will be the “ultimate prequel,” allowing gamers to witness the age of Kung Lao’s great ancestor (and his namesake). This premise appears to be popular among fans, as it was chosen by a sizable margin in a Reddit poll.

Regardless of when the next “Mortal Kombat” is released or what it looks like, one thing is certain: it will be bloody.



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