Mortal Kombat is not an Action Movie!! Kano has explained everything about it!!

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Having a sequel of any movie is not a big thing to discuss, but is that sequel different from its overarching genre is something needed to be discussed. And this factor also decides whether your sub-genre will get the same response from the audience or not. 

We are discussing all these things because the most asked question about the upcoming movie Mortal Kombat is whether it is an action film or not. And this question is answered by the movie’s iconic character Kano that is played by Josh Lawson. Lawson has lightened the storyline of the movie by comparing it with other popular action movies.

What Josh Lawson has to say about the movie?

In a talk from the sets in the time of 2019, Josh Lawson stated some points that can easily be compared to other action movies and also explains the difference between them. Lawson explained the difference in his own words and said that the upcoming movie Mortal Kombat is not an action movie but it is a martial arts movie. He added that viewers can’t get the difference now but the cast is feeling that difference on the sets. He then stated that martial is something about showcasing the incredible art and action movie is fundamentally different for him. Lawson appreciated Joe, Lewis, and Max as they have got some master tricks and ideas in this art. 

According to the statements of Josh Lawson, it can be assumed that the movie is all about showcasing the art from its incredible cast. 

More about Mortal Kombat!!

If we talk about the story of Mortal Kombat, then it can be said that it is known for its famous video games and films. The film has shown amazing and incredible high flying acrobatics and martial arts, there are some moments where the campy approach can also be witnessed.

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We have a long list for the cast and we can consider that it may have many characters in the video game franchise. 

Mortal Kombat is coming to theatres on 16th April and also it will be released on HBO Max. Till then we will help you get all the updates regarding the movie and all the information shared by the officials will be shared with you super soon. Stay tuned with us and follow the space for every update on Mortal Combat.


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