Most devastating One Chicago deaths ranked!


One Chicago is an American media franchise were the workings of many public services in Chicago, Illinois have been broadcasted.

It consists of different series such as Chicago Fire, following the fire department, Chicago P.D, following the police department, Chicago Med, following the medical department, and Chicago Justice, a legal drama series set in Chicago as well.

Over the years, many deaths have occurred in the franchise and here we have ranked the eight most devastating ones.


There may not have been a single One Chicago fan who had not cried when Otis died in the first episode of Season 8 Chicago Fire. As he laid in his death bed with his best Cruz crying by his side, he said how he will always be by his side in Russian. This sure made everyone dissolve in tears.


She is the protagonist of the Chicago Fire for seasons 1 and 2. She is a lovable character too. In the crossover episode with Chicago P.D, Shay is killed. The thing that makes it a whole lot more painful is the fact that she just switched places with Dawson while talking about the prospect of her marrying Casey before the blow hit her in the head. 


Nadia is also killed in a crossover episode between Chicago P.D. and Law and Order SVU. She is killed by the serial killer Yates, just when she came clean of prostitution and became really close with Erin Lindsay. Even in death,  she helped the police locate Yates by leaving around enough evidence.

Though the death of Nadia is itself quite painful, seeing Erin fall into depression and addiction to alcohol blaming herself for Nadia’s pulls our heartstrings.


Though he was not the main character his death still hit us hard. He was a young boy and his death caused an even greater pain to his father Hank Voight, a series regular. This left us even more devastated.


Her death was really hurtful because she died almost unnecessarily for accidentally finding out about her clinic being a hub for drug dealing.

To see Casey sobbing in the hospital was way more painful for all of us.


The series regular of Chicago P.D. is a much-beloved character. No one expected him to die when stabbed in the prison by an inmate. He was far too precious. But, alas, he did.

There is nothing more painful than watching Voight secretly watch his partner and longtime friend is buried.

Whose death did you find the most painful?

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