Most popular online slots in 2021


    Technological advancements have done one thing for slot games, it made slots popular. People, especially young people now prefer online slots to the traditional classical slots of cause for many reasons – play here. Slots have become popular for many reasons, one of them is bonuses that online slots give upon signing up. Although 2021 is still a fresh year, it is just one month down the line of 12, some slots have already topped the list of popular slots for the year.

    Why is it important to know the most popular slots of 2021?

    Considering the most popular slots of 2021 is highly important to the gaming industry as well as players. In fact, it is important that all persons involved in playing slots be aware of how some games are faring in 2021. For players, it’ll make them check through these slots and pick which is best for them. For online sites, it’ll make them want to know why these slots topped the list already even though we are still early into the year. It’ll also make game providers know what next to do regarding the development of online.

    The popularity of slots itself is dependent on many reasons. The game provider is also one, some people always look out for a particular game provider to play their games. E.g., some people are die-hard fans of Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, etc. For some it’s a perfect type of theme they always look for out, all players are stuck on bonuses by the way so we can’t exactly limit it to few people

    Some of the most popular Online slots in 2021

    Kingdom Slot

    While we cannot exactly say this is why this came is doing so well in 2021, we can attest to the fact that it is an awesome game. One of IGT’s finest launched in 2011, that’s more than 10 years ago.

    Loco the Monkey Slot

    On this same list is Loco the Monkey, Loco the monkey is a Quickspin slot. Many things about the game may have contributed to how well it’s doing. Plus, some good PR may have also contributed to this. The fact is that this Quickspin slot is also on the list of the most popular slots of 2021.

    Gates of Olympus

    Speaking of Greek Mythology, Olympus is the most important place in its history. Pragmatic play sure made a good one on this. Olympus is considered the father of Greek gods, including Zeus the god of the Sky, Poseidon his brother that guards the sea, etc. It might not be a thing of a big surprise that this game is amongst the list of the most popular of 2021, well it was designed to top such tables.

    Other games topping the table in 2021 are;

    • Path of Destiny
    • Cowboys Gold
    • Hope Diamond
    • Chocolate
    • Madame Ink
    • Mega Fortune

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully in months to come, these games stay on the table, truth is they have started well as online slots.


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