Mount Jiri Release Date Is Likely To Get Delayed To 2022


Korean drama series are gradually growing all across the globe. It seems like the directors and creators of the industry are landing up on the right nerve of entertainment. Believing in the reports collected globally, the Korean dramas and movies have been openhandedly accepted by the online streaming channels rather than other foreign language shows and flicks. 

Among many other overly popular series, the recent rumors of Mount Jiri release date news has taken over the internet. The audiences are going gaga about the confirmation news. The show is written by Kim Eun Lee and is to be directed by Lee Eung Bok. All those who are looking for complete information on the upcoming web series have landed in the right place. We are here with the all the inside story of the show. 

Release date of Mount Jiri: 

The anticipation about the release date of Mount Jiri was in 2021. The script is reportedly manufactured. The work on the composition and casting was almost complete. However, before the shooting could start, the pandemic situation broke and the entire project experienced halt. The recent news about the release date might be disheartening for the fans. We are hearing that due to COVID-19, the date is shifted to 2022. The official announcement about the show is awaited. 

Mount Jiri Release Date Is Likely To Get Delayed To 2022

Trailer of Mount Jiri: 

As disclosed above, the release date of the show, Mount Jiri is shifted to 2022. The rumors have it that the trailer of the show will hit the floor in 2021 itself. The creators will cash the buzz that has been circulating for the show. 

Cast of Mount Jiri: 

There is not much information about the cast. We are hearing that the show would bring the famous director actor duo from Kingdom. Yes, you guessed it right Kim Eun Hee and Ji-Hyun would reappear in a brand-new avatar. The lead actors of the story would be Park Seo Joon and Jun Ji Hyun. 

Storyline of Mount Jiri: 

Mount Jiri is a story of mountain rangers who want to protect Mount Jiri in South Korea. They will be seen saving lives, protecting the locals and killing the wrong doers in the story. They want to preserve the authenticity and breathtaking scenery of Mount Jiri. They would be encountering snow, rain, hurricane, and landslide. 

Well, that was all from our side. The concrete information is yet to be disclosed by the makers of the show. We are eagerly waiting for the same. 



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