Movies Anywhere See A Rise In Digital Movie ‘Mega-Purchasers’


Hello Ciniphiles! We know your love for movies and so you keep looking for various platforms to watch your favourite ones.

On that note, here we are with an update on Movies anywhere, digital site that allows users to purchase the movie and watch it online on a TV. 

Insights of Movies Anywhere!

Movies anywhere are operated by Walt Disney in partnership with Warner Brothers, Universal, and Sony Pictures. And as per the reports, Disney claims that the purchase of movies is unexceptionally high this year. 

Initially, Movies Anywhere were launched as Disney Movies Anywhere on 25th February 2014 which shows the content from Disney, Marvel, and Pixar which was only available to iOS users. 

Later Disney decided to relaunched DMA as Movies Anywhere with the collaboration of other industry giant partners. 

According to the recent reports in the last three years, the Movies Anywhere was not grown enough the way it has grown in 2020. 

We assume, the pandemic has a role to play in it. The average watch hour in Movies Anywhere grown significantly, which is considerably way higher than in 2017. 

The number of users connected to TV grows by 68% over the past three years. Even considering the average watch hours, 104% in TV connected users, 11 % with Apple users and android users watch hours are more than TV connection users. 

The pandemic certainly has pushed users to purchase and rent these services. In 2019 there were 12 Billion purchases in the first six months and in the case of the year 2020, it is 26% higher compared to 2019. 

Now the Movies Anywhere is ready to extend their service further. Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube are all supporting Movies Anywhere. People can purchase or rental services of Movies Anywhere from YouTube directly. They will get to see a movie from Disney and all the other partners. 

So, what are your plans this time for movies anywhere? Do share your experience and keep following us for amazing updates.


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