Movies that got delayed and caused an outrage among fans


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Initially, the release strategy for the film “Harry Potter” appeared stoned. The many versions would be changed between summer and November, beginning with the “Prisoner of Azkaban,” before the series ended with the two “Deathly Hollows” films released in 2010 and 2011 across eight months. This initial course of action included a visit to the theatres in November 2008 by ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.’ Then, at the beginning of August 2008, other marketing materials began to dribble out and prepared the public for a new Harry Potter project to reach the end of the year.

However, a dramatic change has taken place just as this marketing effort began. Warner Bros. stated that in July 2009, “Half-Blood Prince” was to make his debut at the theatre. Unfortunately, that was an actual 8-month late date and led to a two-year space between the ‘Half-Blood Prince’ and his predecessor. Naturally, the fans of “Harry Potter” were unhappy with this unexpected decision because the Los Angeles Times reported widespread fanaticism about this change in timing. While this modification in the first “Harry Potter” film release schedule resulted in unhappy fans, Warner Bros. probably doesn’t regret the move.

Shutter Island

In the summer of 2009, cinematographers were able to glimpse Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island” follow-up to his first best film (“The Departed”). A spooky and equally heavy film with thick accents and ambiguity was promised in the initial teaser trailer. This initial trailer also pledged to release Scorsese’s next film at the heart of the prize-winning season early in October 2009. Because Martin Scors’ projects such as the New York Gangs and the Aviator had grown into juggernaut awards in the 21st century, after their debut at the end of the year, “Shutter Island” appeared ready to become another praised smash.

Paramount Pictures then chose to shoot Shutter Island in February 2010, from the winning season. There was no cheery answer to this development. The Guardian wrote a piece saying the move “spells bad news for Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio” and that it is an early warning sign that the film will never measure up to “the departed” reputation. Although not everybody was fully informed about the new releases, it turned out to be a retrospective step, as in February 2010, “Shutter Island” finally became a hitbox office.

Godzilla vs Kong

The MonsterVerse built the project through several “Godzilla” and “Kong” films for years, and the production initially was scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2020. In the summer of 2019, however, Warner Bros. Head suggested that a further delay would be reached to guarantee that this development is as good as possible, which arrived at the end of the year when Godzilla vs Kong was postponed eight months until November 2020.

The change caused curious reactions by many who anticipated this project, and blogs, such as Fandom Wire, imply that Warner Bros lacked advertising materials and all the uncertainties about the release date. Moreover, in reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic, the section of the population was further disheartened by further delays in the summer of 2021. Ultimately, one more version date adjustment to March 2021 was provided for “Godzilla vs Kong.” Although this production travelled about the calendar rather than just under Kong’s feet, the mixed fans seemed not to be sitting down and saw the final product, “Godzilla vs Kong,” judging from the excellent box office.


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