Hello Movie lovers and critics! Are you missing on something very interesting on Netflix.

Well, let us remind you!

The 1 Sci-fi movie, an action-comedy, on 14th January 2014 is available on Netflix on 17th October is Green Hornet. 

What is so interesting about it? Let us know!

There were comic books, movies, and serials that were made on The Green Hornet. The movie was high in budget but the hero was not able to perform up to the expectations. 

The reviews from the critics were not favourable too. 

In an interview with the main hero Seth Rogen, he claimed that the movie was a nightmare for him. After including a huge budget in the movie, Sony Pictures didn’t give much attention to details. 

Unfortunately, Seth Rogen was not much happy about the movie though he was having lots of fun and it included many creativities. Even there was a very unique thing that was a surprise for the American Asian audience, the Marvel Studio has included an Asian hero as a lead superhero to it.

All About Storyline

The movie was about a boy named Britt Reid who was the playboy son of a publisher. After the Publisher died, Britt hired his Chauffer Kato who was a mechanic and proficient in martial arts. 

They both started fighting criminals to save their town eventually. There were numerous jokes and action sequences to amuse the audience in the movie. 

The duo had made a very good match. The humour used by the writer will make you laugh for sure when you see it for once or even more. It is never too late to watch this sci-fi movie with just out of the box thinking. 

Furthermore, the blend of action-comedy is always considered a light mood movie to watch and get entertained. On that note, let us know your take on this movie once you finally update the date to watch, before 17th october20.

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