My Family and I, Tested Positive for Covid-19: ‘The Rock’


On this Wednesday, Dwayne the Rock Johnson addressed a message to the world through an Instagram IgTv video which was more than 10 mins long.

He revealed that he and his entire family including his wife and two daughters were hit with the virus and tested positive.

What Did They Go Through and How Is Their Health Now? 

At the very beginning of the video when he announced that they have been tested positive, Dwayne said that it was very scary. He said that dealing with regular or weird injuries and being hit by the virus are two very different things.

He admitted that he has been broken and evicted a few times in life which might seem difficult which he has been a couple of times in his life, but this was bad.


Keeping your family safe and sound is everyone’s priority in this world, said the Rock and therefore he feels upset about his family getting tested positive. He wished that it was him alone to be infected but unfortunately that was not the case.

He said that he’s counting the blessings he is bestowed with as their entire family is now healthy and safe. They have crossed the line and safely reached the other side of Covid-19 healthier. He said that they have isolated themselves and are not contagious anymore.

How Did They Get Infected?

Dwayne in the video said that they caught the virus through some of their very close friends. He said that their friends themselves had zero ideas about them carrying the virus.

His two young daughters seemed to have mild symptoms with a little sore throat. The kids were back to their normal routine of playing and jumping around in just a couple of days.

Wife Lauren Hashian and himself on the other hand had a pretty rough time. They went through the situation strong and together as a family with strict discipline about health and safety.

An important message from the Rock

The Rock in a way addressed the entire world about what he went through and how he wants everyone to be extremely cautious about their livelihood.

He was talking about how important it is to start boosting your immunity to fight the virus. Having a well-built immune system is what counts and will help you get on the other side healthier.

Lastly, he said that wear masks, be very careful about whom you are hosting over to your houses, and make sure you safeguard you, and your family in every possible way.


We’re almost very close to the end of 2020 and yet Covid-19 prevails and there are people around the world getting infected and going through it.

The news about the Rock and his family getting tested pos


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