“My Hero Academia”: What is anime all about, When new season get released and fresh updates!

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If you are an anime lover, then you must have watched “My Hero Academia”. It is yet one of the most popular anime and best-selling manga of all time, has filled its pocket with 8.5/10 IMDb and 100% from rotten tomatoes and 1000% from fans all around the world.

What is “My Hero Academia” all about?

The story spins around the life of Izuku Midoriya living in a superhuman society where almost everyone has some sort of uncanny powers which many of them use for villainy, some for the better future of the world and some dreams.

Izuku is a common boy who is born without any super human abilities referred to as Quirks in the anime, having a strong determination of becoming a hero, but due to lack of quirk, he can’t as it is a compulsion of becoming a hero. 

His life turns over when he meets the world’s #1 hero, All Might. After knowing about Izuku’s potential when he sees him saving a friend of his from a villain when no hero could, who had his friend as a hostage. 

All Might reveals that he was too born without a quirk and it was given to him by someone else. Hearing this, Izuku gets filled with determination and hope for him becoming a hero and being called the symbol of piece.

To know about the rest of his journey which includes him getting All Might’s quirk and then registering the UA high examinations, you do have to watch the series from the start to end. 

If you haven’t watched the season 1 of “My Hero Academia”, then don’t fall into the prey of fake links. Just download it and watch it for free just by tapping on the link: https://t.me/My_Hero_Academia/158

Updates about “My Hero Academia” season 5?

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Release date for season 5 of My hero academia has been confirmed, it is going to air on Netflix on 27th, march,2021.

If you are having Netflix subscription, its well and good. Otherwise, we will direct you to another link having all episodes of “My Hero Academia” from which you all can download and watch the series for absolutely free.

Till then, just sit back and have patience. Just stay on the page and refresh more to get fresh updates.


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