‘My Little Pony’ Animated Movie Goes to Netflix, Release Date Still Unclear

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It’s a happy, cheerful movie that focuses on friendship. When life seems tough, for some people, a cute show like My Little Pony can do wonders to lift the spirits.

There’s a lot of good stories and morals My little pony teaches you, such as to make sure you communicate properly with others, listen to people, act responsibly, etc, all taught by the characters going through problems and adventures and learning what they need to improve on to prevent causing so many problems. 

Honestly, for the same reason that a lot of kids and adults like the movie. It’s colourful, happy and actually teaches stuff, unlike the other garbage you see on television nowadays. Beyond that, we love the characters! The voice actors bring us into a new world every time and the characters represent all the sides of our normal personality! We feel like we can actually be friends with these ponies and we will enjoy the thought of it. 

We watch the characters struggle, overcome and triumph. We feel like we supported them the whole time and we actually feel happy to see them rise above their struggles time and time again And at the end of the day, no matter how hard their friendships were pushed they always remain friends.

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The biggest reason you should watch it is because it’s a very good movie. The animation is top-notch, and as the show has gotten older, the animation has improved. Another reason is a whole bunch of good lessons for the younger generation, such as sharing, kindness, making friends, and the stages of grief. This movie is considered perfectly suitable for 7-year-olds yet still have complex and diverse characters and interesting plots. 

The show is mainly about a group of six best friends learning valuable life lessons and dealing with evil along the way. The secondary plot is about the group of three fillies trying to discover their cutie marks, which is a mark on their flank that determines their destiny/talent. Some parts of it make you cry. 

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