Great British Bake contestant Paul Hollywood’s rainbow bagel controversy is not taking the name of the stop. Now, winner and former contestant of Great British Bake Off and TV fame Nadiya Hussain has shown a negative reaction to the controversy. Though Paul has explained earlier and come up with multiple statements regarding the rainbow bagel it seems like Nadiya is not satisfied with Paul.

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The Great British bake off is a platform for the amateur to show cast their cooking skills against each other and prove themselves to be the best. The show is currently running its eleventh season this year. One of the greatest chef Paul Hollywood has found himself in some trouble.

To understand the whole matter, we have to go the last week’s episode where Paul baked a rainbow-colored bagel to set the technical challenge. He referred that the rainbow bagel is representing the UK’s National Health Services (NHS), contradicting the fact that it resembles more of LGBTQ+ pride. It made the whole challenge full of discussion.

Though Paul clarified himself on social media but in an interview with Radio with Breakfast, when Fleur East and James Barr asked Nadiya about the matter, the Great British Bake-off winner didn’t seem impressed with Paul.

With a funny tone, she asked How Paul could refer to it as an NHS bagel? Co-host of the show James Barr came up with it a statement to help Paul that it was because of the Coronavirus vibes as we all are suffering from it.

So, it may be the reason behind this. However, He added more to it so that he can save himself from any controversies that Paul must have an idea of other meanings too. Nadiya was surprised by the words chosen by Paul.

She added a funny comment that she knows this, but he could have chosen other things so that he could reference it for goodness sake. But she like rainbow bagel too. 

She continued with her statements and ended with a suggestion that It’s okay if he is going for a rainbow bagel. When she will make a rainbow bagel, she will cut it into two pieces and will add some cream cheese vanilla and in the end, she will use a birthday rainbow to sprinkle on top of it.

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