Nancy Grace says that her fiancé’s 1979 murder fuels her career now


About Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is a famous name in America. Nancy is known as a legal commentator. She is also the host of her show named “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace”. Nancy Grace at the age of 19 was an English literature major at Mercer University in Georgia. But a moment struck her whole life and turned it around.

What did she reveal in an interview about her past?

The marriage of Nancy Grace was fixed with 23-year-old Keith Griffin. Griffin was a geology student and he was doing a part-time job for his living. Griffin worked for the Ingram Construction Company as a worker on the Georgia Kraft Plywood.

Keith went outside on a truck to buy some soda for himself and his co-workers at the company. On Route 278, he was shot and murdered by Tommy McCoy who was a former co-worker of the same company as of Keith. McCoy was recently fired from the construction company.

What did Nancy feel after Keith’s Murder?

The murder of Keith shivered the life of Nancy. She left her school for some time and she was feeling like she has nothing left in her life. She then decided to be someone who can help others.

Since then she made her mind that even if she could stop a single crime, her life would be better and meaningful. From then Nancy chose a different path. She pursued her JD degree from Mercer University. Later, she completed a Masters in Law from New York University.
McCoy was arrested in 1980 and sentenced to jail for more than 25 years before he got parole in 2006.

Nancy Grace was working as a special prosecutor in Georgia when she caught the attention of Court TV founder, Steven Brill. Brill invited her to join him as a co-star and she accepted the proposal. Her journey from co-star to a star is history.

Grace has also written a book for people to learn about some safety tips for the crime. The book was named “Don’t be a victim: Fighting Back again against America’s Crime Wave. She feels that she might be someone else if that incident had not taken place in her life.


Truly said “A moment can change your life” and we have seen a live example for this. Some changes are good and some are bad, but we should always try to get a better version of ourselves in any situation. Stay safe and stunned with us more updates.


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