Naruto Light Novel Restart Debate That Sasuke Should Be Gay!


Hello buddies! Glad to have you back! Have you ever imagined or seen a homosexual character in animated series? 

If yes, then it’s a chance to see a gay personality once more. Today, we’re back with the dazzling and stunning ninja Naruto novel, named Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher’s Star Pupil, which is real story scripted by Jun Esaka and illustrate by Masashi Kishimoto. 

This is the third installed novel of the anime franchise which if fully sketched on a ninja character Sasuke Uchiha, who was a man or a woman is not confirmed yet!

So, to know everything about Sasuke, continue reading readers!

The major query roaming around everyone’s mind is whether Sasuke was gay, and they are thinking so because Sasuke rebuffing a lot of beautiful women who was attracted towards him and he never bothered any of them.

As he gets older his physical appearance glitters drastically and kills women but still there is zero romance in his life! Maybe he’s dedicated towards his mission and don’t want to spend time on love or maybe he was a gay!  

The conversation about Sasuke starts again while he and Konohamaru are on the thunder train and Konohamaru comments on his complexion again and again. He is the one who has created a lot of drama and was the most curious insane to know about Sasuke sexuality.

A very cute and attractive girl named Sakura liked Sasuke a lot but he still didn’t care about romance and don’t show any interest in her feelings. In fact other team members were shocked about nil romantic history of Sakura.

Did Sasuke have any child!

It sounds foolish, if we think about having a children without having any relationship. But guys, this is a genetic world! Sasuke had a girl baby named Sarada Uchiha to maintain his bloodline with Sakura who was totally mad for him.

Till now it’s not confirmed that Sasuke Uchiha was a gay, but if directors furhter revealed about his sexuality we’ll be the first to tell you. And if he’s a gay, then the show could have a ‘Old Man Sasuke’ as a Ranger atoning for his sins, as well as still had him become a father!

Stay tuned! Whether Sasuke Is of any sex, the show will entertain you always! Comment your thoughts about Sasuke sexuality! And check out, 


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