Nathalie Emanuel will be Featuring in “THE BRIDE” horror movie directed by Jessica M. Thompson


Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel is a British actress and model who was born on March 2, 1989. Nathalie Emmanuel’s acting career began in the late 1990s, when she appeared in a variety of West End plays, including the musical The Lion King. Nathalie Emanuel was ranked as 99th in the ‘Sexiest Women of 2013’ and was also ranked 75th in the Sexiest women of 2015 as well. In the year 2015 she also appeared  in the April edition of InStyle and GQ magazines. Nathalie Emanuel is best known for her work in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’

Nathalie Emanuel will be playing a lead role in a new horror movie thriller inspired by Dracula. Nathalie Emanuel has a huge fan base after she featured in of the most famous TV shows ever made “ Game of Thrones “

Sources say that Nathalie has been casted in the Bride along with Garrett Hedlund. Jessica M. Thompson will be directing the horror movie whose script has been revised and was originally written by Blair Butler.

Source: Collider

Movie The Bride is a story about a young woman who is courted and cutted off her feet, only to realize a gothic conspiracy is afoot, as per sources reported.

Screen Gems is said to be ‘excited’ about the project and its Dracula connection, and they are looking for a summer release date, seeing it as a potential franchise.

Nathalie will reprise her role as Megan Ramsey from Fast & Furious 7 in Fast & Furious 9 next month, alongside Vin Diesel and John Cena. Nathalie has also recently finished shooting for the prequel of Zack Snyder’s Army of the dead or aslo called army of thieves.


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