NCIS’s latest episode airs major Gibbs twist

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In season 18’s mid-season finale, named ‘Watchdog,’ NCIS’ Leroy Gibbs got into some trouble with his bosses, and viewers are left wondering what this means for the character going forward. 

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was suspended in the most recent episode, which aired on CBS in the United States on Tuesday, March 16. He had beaten a man he suspected of running an illegal dog-fighting ring before the team could even bring him in for questioning.

After he and his team asked about a wounded pitbull they discovered while investigating an unrelated roadside crash, Gibbs assaulted the suspected perp. 

She and Gibbs were reeled in for one last task, and they travelled to Afghanistan to try to find out where the kids had gone – she suspected her old friend Darya was involved in some way. 

After a livestream of the girls being auctioned off was discovered, and Darya’s body was discovered in the village with the note ‘GO HOME OR THERE WILL BE MORE BLOOD,’ Jack had a nervous breakdown.

Overcoming this, she, Gibbs, and a team of Marines finally tracked down the young abductees, until Gibbs realised that his colleague had no intention of moving to Costa Rica – her goal was to stay in Afghanistan and continue working.

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She exclaimed, “I did mention I wanted a shift!” “My time with NCIS has been fantastic… You don’t need my assistance any longer. I’m not cut out for working at a desk. That was never the case. And you’re right, I was going, and I don’t want to anymore. I’d like to make an impression here.” 

Gibbs then stopped her in her tracks with a kiss before saying goodbye before she could finish her next sentence. 

NCIS is broadcast on CBS in the United States and FOX UK in the United Kingdom.


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