Hello Binge watchers! We are certain that the entertainment industry is full and filled with amazing storylines and so the investment on bringing up the storyline worth watching is huge.

However, at times, luck plays a real role in the reel world.

Having said that, we have come across with an update on Battlefield Earth is a science fiction movie that was released in the year 2000. The movie was based on a 1982 novel by the same name. But the movie was considered as the worst sci-fi movie of that time and the reviewers criticized the movie a lot. 

The movie had even won Worst Picture of the decade in 2010. The budget for the movie was 73 Million Dollars and it made only 29 million dollars at the box office. 

All About Battle Field

The movie is based on the year 3000 where Earth is ruled by alien Psychlos for 1000 years. Psychlos were shown as brutal aliens who used humans to find out resources especially gold. The earth was completely a wasteland. 

There was a tribe of human who tried to stay freely in course of regaining own planet but eventually failed to do so. One of them Jonnie Goodboy Tyler after getting captured also was rebellion. Impressed by one Alien Teri, Jonnie got access to the library which gave him an idea about human life. 

They get to know the earth has radioactive energy where the aliens can’t survive. With the help of some people, Jonnie fought with the aliens and reclaimed the Earth again. 

The movie was not able to do much in the industry but there were some fighting scenes you would love to watch. How they used the deserted military system, Uses of the bomb, teleportation device is very interesting to know and equally amusing to watch. 

All we can say to you is that just give it a try, you might like it. Just remember don’t use the brain much to watch the movie as it is a very light-hearted movie. 


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