Neighbours’ Aaron cares about Chloe and Nicolette’s relationship

Courtesy: Digital Spy

UK screens are certain to be on fire next week as it has been confirmed that Aaron Brennan would take action and jump onto UK screens after noticing a growing romantic spark between his sister Chloe and Nicolette Stone. Aaron (Matt Wilson) is willing to understand what’s happening between the two. He just wants to ensure that the dynamic between the two does not get too complicated in the near future.

Aaron realizes that it would be only a matter of time before at least one of the two would get hurt as soon as he discovers that Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) had feelings for Nicolette. In addition to that, things are getting more complex for (Nicolette Charlotte Chimes) as Nicolette is carrying a baby for Aaron and his husband David Tanaka, whose character is played by Takaya Honda.

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A co-parenting agreement has been made by the trio wherein all three will be a part of the child’s life and experiences. However, any drama between Nicolette and Chloe would have the potential to derail things. Aaron then decides to make it a point to let Nicolette know that Chloe has feelings for her. He thought it through that if Nicolette is fully informed that she can decide for herself over this situation and prevent any further drama that would find the potential to arise involving the trio.

However, Nicolette’s reaction was an unexpected one as she was stunned to hear from Aaron. He had not expected it at all but as he speaks further to her, he finds out that she does have feelings for her. However, Nicolette was too scared to admit the same initially but subsequently she let herself in for the truth. Also, she was bounded by the grief that could possibly affect Chloe after her mum Fay’s recent death and was therefore, staying away from the matter.we


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