Neighbours’ Dipi Rebecchi to return in Yashvi car crash aftermath

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Neighbours’ beloved Dipi Rebecchi will return to Ramsay Street sooner than imagined, according to actress Sharon Johal, who spoke exclusively to; but, will Yashvi Rebecca be involved in the drama?

Dipi (Sharon Jahol) will depart the Channel 5 serial alongside her husband, Shane Rebecchi, in the coming weeks (Nicholas Coghlan). The couple will make a new start in Sydney, but they will leave their eldest daughter Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) on Ramsay Street, where her uncle, Toadie Rebecchi, will keep an eye on her (Ryan Maloney).

However, the youngster’s relationship with Ned Willis (Ben Hall) hasn’t always been easy, so might the two get themselves into some trouble, prompting the Rebecchi matriarch to return?

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Yashvi would contemplate departing with her parents in the coming days while she seeks for police officer employment in Sydney. Ned will be saddened by this, as the two had just recently recovered from their trauma at the hands of Scarlett Brady, his nasty stalker (Christie Whelan Browne).

The aspiring artist asks his girlfriend if they should move in together to take their relationship to the next level. The kid, who is more concerned about her parents’ impending departure, avoids the topic and contacts her auntie Mishti Sharma (Scarlet Vas), who works for the government in Sydney.

Yashvi will eventually opt to stay on Ramsay Street, but her coldness toward her lover might have long-term ramifications. They may decide to split up as they strive to manage their relationship amid new worries about their future.

This would be a tragedy for the Rebecchi kid, who is struggling to live her life without Ned after the devoted pair had endured so much pain together. Seeing him every day could become too much for her, so she’d inform her uncle Toadie that it’s time for her to go Erinsborough.

Dipi might return briefly to help her daughter pack and walk away from Ramsay Street with her head held high if she needed some motherly support. The matriarch of the Rebecchi family has also taken on the role of mother to Toadie’s children, Nell Rebecchi (Scarlett Anderson) and Hugo Somers (John Turner). Dipi will be shown having a sorrowful farewell with the small children in some of her final shots before going with her husband.

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