Neil Gaiman Drops Details about The Sandman Audible Before Arrival of Series On Netflix


Recently, The Sandman series has become a topic of discussion among netizens. According to the sources, Netflix is planning to develop this action show soon. The series is produced by Batman Begins’ David Goyer, co-creator Neil Gaiman, and The OC’s Allan Heinberg. Below we have added all the important details that you need to know about the series.

Main Story and Details about The Sandman

The Sandman is a popular Dark fantasy, black comedy, and horror comic book series, which is written and created by Neil Gaiman. The plot of the series centers around the lead character named Dream. Along with the other Seven Endless, he is billion years old. The Dream also has acquired various titles and names over the years, which are Morpheus, the Shaper, Oneiros, the Shaper of Form, the Dream King, Kai’ckul, Lord of the Dreaming, Dream-Sneak, Lord L’Zoril, the Cat of Dreams, and Murphy.

These are the anthropomorphic personification of dreams. Morpheus, who is one of the titles resides in Dream’s realm called The Dreaming. In the realm, he has control over everything except one thing. He faced difficulty to adapt to change. Initially, the story is a very dark horror comic. Morpheus is summoned by occult ritual, but later gets seized and is held captive for seventy years. However, he escapes and decides to return to his realm and take revenge on his capturers.

Neil Gaiman Drops Details about The Sandman Audible Before Arrival of Series On Netflix

While he was held as a prisoner, his realm had completely shattered which is beyond repair. He is now all set to rebuild his broken kingdom. During his time as a prisoner, he had a chance to look at his past and undo his sins. Now, he has grown a softer side. But it looks like undoing his sins will take a lot of time for him. As the series progresses, the show turns from horror comic to fantasy series. 

Neil Gaiman reveals more details about The Sandman series

Apart from The Sandman, Neil Gaiman has created various popular works like Good Omens on Amazon Prime, Starz’ American Gods, and Lucifer on Netflix. Recently, he revealed that since the last thirty years, he and Dirk Maggs were trying to adapt The Sandman comic book into an audio drama. Their main aim was to convert the show into a BBC radio play. Moreover, they were planning to work together on this since 1992. However, they couldn’t because the series is too “sprawling” and “big”. Plus, it wouldn’t fit into the deadline. 

When Maggs said about working with Audible, Gaiman suggested The Sandman series. Maggs stated that it was a fantastic idea, and Gaiman believed that the time was right too. Gaiman also talked about a streaming delivery service, where one has to produce an eleven-hour audiobook. He also stated that you don’t have to abridge or compress the audible. 

Transforming The Sandman Into an Audio Drama

Fans have loved The Sandman for its visual style and the combination of fantasy and horror. However, the comic would have to face various challenges while converting the comic book into an audible. Gaiman also said that adapting the comic into an audiobook was never an option for them.

It would be too tiring for just one voice actor to play all the roles. So they would need more than one voice actor for the characters in The Sandman. And for that, they have few actors like James McAvoy, Arthur Darvill, Michael Sheen, Samantha Morton, and Riz Ahmed, who would nail their roles.

Gaiman stated that James McAvoy would fit the role of Sandman. He continued with the brilliant cast and stated Arthur Darvill would be fit for Shakespeare, Samantha Morton as Urania Blackwell, and Riz Ahmed as The Corinthian. 

Sandman: What is the difference between the Netflix Series and Audible Series?

Some fans believe that both Audible and Netflix series would end up competing with each other. However, Gaiman is least worried about that. He thinks that both projects are different. The main difference is that the Netflix series is the modernized version of the story, whereas the audible sticks to the story of the original comic. The audible of The Sandman debuted on July 15, 2020, but The Netflix series will take some time because it is still under production. Netflix might drop the Sandman season 1 in 2021.

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