Neill Blomkamp has revealed something interesting for the fans of District 9!!

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District 9 is a sci-fi blockbuster that was written and directed by Neill Blomkamp in 2009. The vision that he shared through the movie gained a lot of popularity and fan following. Since the release of District 9, a prequel was teased and the path for the District 10 has been a topic of matter that what is there that is making it wait. 

So the great news is that Neill Blomkamp has revealed that the sequel of District 9 is going to happen.

What has assured District 10?

Fans thought that Neill Blomkamp has forgotten his blockbuster movie but no, he has revealed that District 10 has not slipped his mind. He tweeted from his account about the release date and another key factor for District 10. 

You can have a look at what Neill twitted from the link here- 

Sharlto Copley is someone without whom no one can imagine District 10. And you don’t even need to imagine it because he is coming back in the process to reprise his role. We saw Sharlto at the end of District 9 where he transformed into the alien species that was introduced in District 9.

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We all know that Neill Blomkamp has stepped into the series of short films and now again coming to his old sci-fi story he is all set to come up with interesting and extreme content. There was a time when Neill was not sure if he would be able to give time for District 10 but now he has kept District 10 in the first place. However, the production work for the movie has not been started yet but we can hope the best for it. 

There will be a lot of things to see in District 10 as there were many promises that were left uncompleted. 

Those who are unaware of these promises go and watch District 9 to know everything. And those who are curious for further updates sit back tight and wait for another update. Stay tuned with us for more updates on District 10 and hope to watch it soon.


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