Netflix Acquires Broadcasting Rights For Italian Movie, Four To Dinner – Expected To Release In January 2022

Netflix acquires broadcasting rights for Italian movie, Four to Dinner - Expected to release in January 2022
Netflix acquires broadcasting rights for Italian movie, Four to Dinner - Expected to release in January 2022

One of the popular Italian-based movies, Four to Dinner is all set to arrive on Netflix screens soon! If you are one of the fans who are excited about watching more upcoming Netflix movies, then here we have got you covered with Four to Diner which is one among those movies, checkout out to know more:

When will Four to Dinner make its way to Netflix?

Four to Dinner (formerly recognized as Quattro metà or four metà) will premiere worldwide on Netflix in January 2022. Four to Dinner is a contemporary romantic comedy film created by Cattleya (the very same studio of behind-hit series Gomorra) that will be released worldwide on Netflix on the 5th of January  2022.

Who will be casting for the Four to Dinner movie?

For the people who aren’t aware much Federici is also now working on a brand new comedy called Gli astronauts. Matteo Martari, Matilde Gioli, Giuseppe Maggio, Ilenia Pastorelli, Luis Filipe Eusébio, and Elmano Sancho are among the casting members who will be appearing in the Four to Dinner movie.

What else do we know?

“Parallel narratives feature four single pals as they pair up in unexpected couple combinations in this rom-com that explores the notion of soulmates.” It is unknown what dubs are available for the film.

The clips provided on the film’s title page now only feature the original Italian audio with various subtitle options including English, Arabic, French, and Polish.

Baggio: The Divine Ponytail, A Classic Horror Story, and The Hand of God were among the seven Italian films distributed on Netflix in 2021.

We’ve seen a number of huge series produced from the area in the previous year, notably Zero (that’s not normally coming for a season 2) and the very first adult-lively venture from the US, Tear Along the Dotted Line.

It is unknown what dubs will be available for the film. Currently, the clips available on the movie’s title page only have the famous Italian soundtrack plus numerous subtitle selections including English, Arabic, French, and Polish…

Will you be seeing Four to Dinner on Netflix when it comes out on January 5th? Until that you can watch the clip footage leaked out for the movie, down below:

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