Netflix confirms premiere date for Alice in Borderland season 2


The much-anticipated Alice in Borderland season two release date has been confirmed by Netflix, but it’s still a long way off for fans of the Japanese drama. 

The date of release for the second season of Alice in Borderland has been set. 

According to an update from Netflix Festival Japan 2021, Alice in Borderland season two will be released in December 2022, around two years after the first batch of episodes were released. 

That may come as a disappointment to die-hard fans, who had hoped for the sequel to appear much sooner, but with any luck, the next chapter will be worth the wait.

Who is in the second season of Alice in Borderland’s cast? 

The second season’s plot remains still a mystery, although the remaining original cast members are expected to return. The show’s protagonist, Kento Yamazaki will return as Ryhei Arisu and Tao Tsuchiya will reprise his role as Yuzuha Usagi, the heroine and Arisu’s lone surviving gaming partner. 

Nijiro Murakami as Chishiya, Aya Asahina as Kuina, Ayaka Miyoshi as An, and Riisa Naka as Mira are among the cast members who are most likely to return.

What is the plot of season two of Alice In Borderland? 

There are little specifics about the plot of Alice In Borderland’s second season, but it’s safe to presume that it will start up where the first left off. 

After the Witch-Hunt game the Beach was destroyed, which was previously a safe haven in the Borderlands, most of the players have gone their separate ways. We discover that not everyone in the parallel dimension is a player; there are also dealers. Momoka and Asahi, two Beach residents, were proven to be drug dealers, yet they sacrificed their lives to disclose the truth.

The first season of the action-thriller series ended with Arisu and Usagi uncovering video footage of the dealers’ hidden underground control room preserved on Asahi’s phone. 

When they arrived, they were surprised to see Chishiya and Kuina there, as well as the fact that the majority of the dealers had been brutally slain. Mira, a former Beach executive, was later revealed to be one of the masterminds in a special show. 

She also stated that the next round of the games would begin soon. 

It’s a wonderful cliffhanger that pretty much sets out the second season’s premise: the remaining players will compete in a new round of games, and this time they’ll be challenged to complete the face card assignments, which were previously lacking in the first stage.

Arisu and Usagi find additional secrets about the Borderland and the crew of ‘citizens’ that run it in later chapters of the manga series. Season two will undoubtedly demonstrate that the stakes are higher, and it will only become bloodier from here.

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