Netflix Direct to make streaming more like regular television


Netflix is packed with offers in almost all the genres imaginable and the most difficult we as viewers make is to choose from these abundant TV shows and movies.

With its library full of exciting, entertaining, and thrilling shows, the streaming giant is now taking a step to make its streaming experience more like watching regular television. This tells you that the content would now be streaming in real-time wherein viewers don’t have to choose shows, series, and episodes to watch.

This new feature is on the way and will be added soon to Netflix. Moreover, Netflix has revealed that this feature would be called ‘Direct’ that will provide everyone with a real-time service.

This feature is aimed at those subscribers who are perplexed as to what exactly to choose on this platform or to those who are new and are still figuring out Netflix. However, this feature won’t be launching internationally on the streamer but would be available just in France. 

Due to the immense popularity of traditional television in France, Netflix Direct was perfect to market in the country. Some of the best French and European content would be showcased with the help of the feature and French subscribers would get to witness the best of the lot through Netflix Direct.

However, reports say that not all of the French subscribers would get to access the new feature as the feature had been originally made available to a small group of people on November 5. Maybe all French subscribers would be able to access shows using this feature by the beginning of December if everything works well for the streaming giant.


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