Netflix has apologized for the inappropriate poster of the upcoming French movie Cutie.


Cuties is an upcoming French comedy movie that is based on a story of an 11-year-old Senegalese girl who was dueling between her cultural values of her family and the modern fascinating life. 

At a trigger point, she joined a dance club called Cutie where she was seen doing an adult dance with other dancers. Cuties already premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January and released I France on 19th August. 

The movie is supposed to released internationally on Netflix on 9th September. Since the movie already took up a storm in the Sundance festival, Netflix has advertised it. In the poster, they have shown the main character posing seductively in a crop top and tiny shorts. It was well exposed.

People don’t seem happy with that and took the help of tweeter by writing there that, Minors should be shown like this. After this people started posting on YouTube trailers that Netflix is doing wrong by showing minors in such pose and there were dislikes on YouTube channel. 

Hence for all these reasons, Netflix took the help of tweeter to apologize and inform the audience that they are sorry for the inappropriate artwork of Cuties. They have updated the picture as well as the description on YouTube. 

If Netflix wants to grab the market for the French Movie then they have to make the correct move. We may be advanced with the time and network but kids are considered as kids still now. We can’t reverse the process or make an advancement with this. There is a correct time for everything. 

The movie :

The movie director is Maimouna Doucoure said that she was inspired to write this movie and direct it from a group of girls.

 She has seen 11 years old girls were dancing sensually in a very short dress for the audience of their parents. Though it was fascinating but disturbing as well due to their minor age. She was wondering if those little girls were aware of what they are doing. We live in a world where social networking is narrowing down the world a lot. 

If as a child he/she admires someone then they are always aligned to imitate that personality. At last, what would be the outcome? And that’s what the France director is trying to deliver through the movie.

To conclude: 

Through recent posters of movie cutie, it has already made viewers see the trailer on YouTube. Now since Netflix apologized and made the changes in the description we can only hope that the movie will able to catch the audience. Just wait till 9th September till it hits the screens of Netflix. 

Till they stay connected with us for more inputs about upcoming movies and controversies. 


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