Netflix Is Looking Forward To Make More Animated Movies Than Hollywood’s Biggest Studios


Hey, all anime lovers out there!!! As CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos has revealed that they are planning to put its hands and try its luck more in animated movies and series after six animated motion pictures got popularity including one from India- Bombay Rose, directed and written by Geetanjali Rao. 

This movie was premiered at the 2019 Venice Film Festival and the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. 

The story of “Bombay Rose” revolves around the love story of flower sellers falling in love and how the lovers fought together to make their love win. It stars Cyli Khare and Amit Deondi in the lead role. 

Bombay Rose trailer: 


Most prominent Animation Studios:

 Six animation studios are outshining the prominent studios of Bollywood like- Disney, Pixel, Dream Work Animation, Sony Picture Animation, Warner Bros, and Illumination Entertainment. Provided with the fact that animated contents require a good amount of time and money both.

More works by Netflix:

Netflix has launched less than six animated movies in its history which include the science fiction motion anime “Blame!” in 2017, along with the Christmas series “Klaus” in 2019. Some more diligent works include black comedy anime “The Willoughbys”, fantasy anime “A Whisker Away” and science- fiction “Fearless” in April, June, and August of 2020 respectively. These three pictures are ramping up already.

Lined up projects of Netflix:

Netflix is again going to release some more computer animes in the coming days of this year. “Over the Moon” on 23 October 2020, “You Animal!” on 29 October 2020, and India’s first anime “Bombay Rose” (Date has not been released yet). It is hence proved that Netflix is certainly going to complete its goal of launching six animes per year.

Views of Netflix:

On the view of conquering the anime industry by Netflix, Sarandos has said that their planning is not to step up other famous animation studios but they are on the way to launching six animation movies per year which other studios never did. 

He is also proud of his team who is with him throughout the path of launching movies and put in their sweat and blood in this.

The reaction of the audience:


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