Netflix Launches Latest Production Hub in Vancouver


There is the latest update on the expansion of Netflix in Vancouver. Netflix already has its presence in the Metro Vancouver and now it has come into a long-term lease with the Canadian Motion Picture Park Studio Complex.

According to the reports, CMPP’s production center has 18 soundstages in 18 acres. According to the lease, Netflix will get 178,000  square feet of the production center which covers 7 soundstages.

Netflix is supposed to shoot one of the big projects and some TV series in the new production hub. 

Netflix Vs Amazon & Hulu

Netflix has its competition in the market like Hulu and Amazon. They are already present in the local stages of Canada and they have local crews for support.

The production of the original series “Midnight Mass” has already started with its shooting. Another project of Netflix is supposed to start from December month. 

It was just last year when Netflix had taken a long-term lease in a separate production hub in Toronto. They have taken a total of 8 soundstages which can help with the production of more movies and the TV series. Netflix has its presence also in the European production hub in Madrid, Spain. 

Netflix Vice President Considers Working with CMPP As a Best Deal

In a recent interview with Netflix’s Vice-President of physical production stated that they are honored to get access to world-class sound quality and production crew. He considers CMPP is the best place where they can produce many films. He is very much glad to have a deal with the CMPP. 

The CMPP production had given many successful projects like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Godzilla, Twilight, Skyscraper. 

Due to the global pandemic situation, many of the production studios are unable to start their production due to the presence of positive cases in the team. There is a low number of cases in the new production hub which will help Netflix for its upcoming facilities.

Still, there will be strict safety measures that will be introduced for the safety of crew members.

On that note, we hope to get more updates. Until then stay tuned!


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