Netflix – One Blockbuster Offer!


Hey Folks, we are back with the exciting updates on Netflix popular as a giant platform for movies and your favorite Shows. We all know that Netflix offers a wide variety of award-winning movies, anime, documentaries, and TV shows. 

It is an American global on-demand internet application launched on 29 August 1998 in Scotts Valley, California U.S. and after ten years many renovations occurred. Netflix works in Laptops, computers, android mobile and android television. Netflix is one of the best worldwide application ever made and it has several recharge plans monthly as well as annually.     

Moreover, the amazing subscription offers for viewers has grabbed the attention even more. It  gives one-month free subscription to the newly subscriber which make users experience the quality and convinced well to move ahead for paid subscription. Well, the tricks worth the deal.

Furthermore, once, it also gives a statement to Gadgets 360, “they always working on new ways to improve its experience.” You must be thinking, its all pretty common information. Well a little recap always help to connect well. Let us find out here!

Netflix – One Blockbuster Offer!

What’s New This Time!

Now, Netflix allows users to ‘Pause’ their membership up to 10 months. Users may pause their membership at the end of their billing and all their data, movies everything will be stored safely. After pause, when you resume your membership you can access to all your profiles, ratings, history, etc. Netflix is currently testing this feature. 

Excited already, let’s not settle on incomplete information. Here is a procedure to experience.

How do we Pause!

Pause option is available under account, and it can’t be accessed immediately. This pause can only be done at the end of billing period not in the beginning. Basically, this new pause feature of Netflix is similar to that of cancel membership option as after cancellation also all the data remain as it is till 10 months.     

So, to know more about the interesting and new features of the best streaming platform Netflix, Stay Connected!


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