Netflix picks up Halle Berry’s new movie Bruised

Netflix picks up Halle Berry's new movie Bruised
Netflix picks up Halle Berry's new movie Bruised

The series watch has been the most favorite past times for some years now, guys, what have been yours?  If your answer to my previous question is Yes, then my dear buddies, I have superb information for all of you today.

Guess what?

The most celebrated digital platform, Netflix is closing in to make the first deal of the Toronto International Film Festival. Yes, you all have got my words correctly.

It is entering the final negotiations to take up Halle Berry’s directorial debut movie ‘Bruised’.

Quick shots:

The mixed martial art drama directed by Berry is all set to make its virtual premiere on Saturday and Netflix is closing in on a deal reaching upwards of as huge as twenty million dollars.

Apart from directing the movie, Berry also stars in the drama.  Produced by the team of Basil Iwanyk, Brad Feinstein, Guymon Casady, Erica Lee, Paris Kassidokostas-Last, Terry Douglas, Linda Gottlieb, and Gillian Hormel this super exciting story is all set to set the screen on a roar.

Hitting the Target

The movie centers on a washed-up MMA fighter, struggling for success as a sportsperson and a mother. A story of Jackie Justice, working many jobs and barely being dragged by ever since losing an important match years ago. 

This is where the twist sets in. Jackie is tricked by boyfriend Desi for an underground fight. And finally prepares to go back to her old love and the abandoned sir was left off at the doorstep. 

  • The story is super strong and enriching.
  • We cannot really wait any longer. Can we?
  • Excited for the weekend.

Now, the real challenge for her will be to manage both her six-year-old son and the MMA title. This Michelle Rosenferb story will also co-star Adan Canto as Jackie’s boyfriend, Shamier Anderson, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Sheila Atim along with the debutant director herself.



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