Netflix Removes Charlie Hanson Due to Sexual Misconduct

Source: NME

Following the firing by Netflix of Life producer Charlie Hanson due to sexual misconduct allegations. The membership of Hanson’s BAFTA was also suspended this week as a result of sexual misconduct allegations made by women.

According to the BBC, the store was first reported by industry publication Broadcast, and anonymous complaints were sent to Netflix and Bafta on Monday. According to the New York Times, 11 women have allegedly been involved, with sexual assault allegations included. Hanson, a manufacturer of Extras, Derek, and Birds of a Feather, issued a statement through his lawyer calling the claims “demonstrably false” and “categorically rejecting any misdeed.”

Source: RTE

Hanson’s participation in Ricky Gervais’ third season of comedy drama After Life has been cancelled by Netflix. ‘We immediately removed the allegations from the set and reported it to the police, despite the fact that they had nothing to do with his show time.’ Netflix made the announcement in a statement. “I was appalled and shocked by a number of women’s historical claims against Charlie Hanson,” Gervais said.

Hanson’s lawyers issued a statement denying the allegations. “I was told that I had been accused of misbehaving against women for several years,” the statement reads.

“I understand that many of these accusations are anonymously and demonstrably false, based on the summaries provided to me.”

During my decades in the media industry, I have never had a complaint. I vigorously deny the allegations levelled against me and categorically deny any wrongdoing on my part.

“Throughout my career, I have supported hundreds of people whether it be men or women, and I will do everything in my power to protect them and/or restore my reputation. I will also provide support for any formal inquiries. I’m currently working with my attorneys.”

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