Netflix Resident Evil Season 1: Is The Wait For The Series Over? Facts And Details, You Should Know


Resident Evil has a pretty good fanbase in Hollywood. Now after the success of The Witcher, Netflix fans are waited for the release of Resident Evil. Netflix had declared last year in January that the team was working on Resident Evil. 

Although, there is no confirmed information or details about the show as Netflix is to announce things officially.

Development Of The Show So Far 

Resident Evil team had begun it’s working and production last year. It is known that the shooting was carried out in South Africa. It was just the beginning for the shoot. Although due to this Covid-19 pandemic the shooting had to be paused amid. Pandemic has caused many shows on Netflix to halt their shooting which is pretty much jinxed. 

Release Date Updates 

As it is known that the shooting and production was halted last year, we cannot expect the show to arrive this year anytime soon. Netflix has not announced anything related to the release date or the confirmation of Resident Evil.

However, looking back that the production started last year we can expect that it might be coming out somewhere in 2021 could be early or mid. Till then we have to wait for Netflix to give some input. 

Netflix Resident Evil Season 1: Is The Wait For The Series Over? Facts And Details, You Should Know

Trailer, Plot, Episodes & Cast

As of now there has been no trailer for the show as Netflix hasn’t even confirmed the release. Given that the shooting is wrapped up this year, we can hope to get the trailer somewhere near the upcoming comic con or even during Christmas you never know! It’s sure that when Netflix releases the trailer it will unveil more information about the series. 

Talking about the plot of Resident Evil, according to the game and movie it would be the exploration of the Umbrella Corporation and how the new world is dealing with the T-virus that has caused havoc. This is the basic storyline of the game and movies but we don’t know if the series has a new plot for the fans. 

Sources tell that the first season would be eight episodes long. Each episode will be around 1 hour. We will know the confirmed number of episodes and the time when Netflix announces Resident Evil

The film series was written by Paul W. S. Anderson which was based on Resident Evil by Capcom. Fans will be surely expecting the popular characters from the movies, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Ada Wong. It will be exciting to see which actors will be cast for the roles. It is even possible for the characters of the series to be different from the movies and game. 


We have provided you with all the bits and pieces from the information that is yet known to us. As and when Netflix announces the Resident Evil or we get some exciting insights we will surely get back with more details for you. 



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