Netflix: Sneakerheads Release date and the storyline for the upcoming comedy series revealed


Hey there! What’s up friend? Hope you are as fantastic as our news updates. So, are you ready for another interesting update on your favourite show? 

Great! Because today we are here for you to give you insights of  the brand-new Netflix comedy series called ‘Sneakerheads’, so get ready and get excited.

If you are a lover of comedy shows and if you believe in Netflix and chill then you at the right place and you ought not to miss the upcoming show which is all set to premier on Netflix. Keep on reading to know when is it releasing, what will be the storyline and who is there in the show to entertain you.

Sneakerheads: Release

It is officially confirmed that the Dave Meyers direction and Complex Networks Production show “Sneakerheads’ is coming out on 25th of September on Netflix and will have six episodes in total.

So, if you haven’t renewed your Netflix subscription then do it before the show comes out so that you don’t miss out the dose of laughter that will unfold. There are already so many sneakerhead movies out there but we are pretty sure you cannot afford to miss this one.

Netflix: Sneakerheads Release date and the storyline for the upcoming comedy series revealed

Sneakerheads: Cast

Allen Maldonado is in the leading role as Devin. Andrew Bachelor as bobby, Jearnest Corchado as Nori, Matthew Josten as Stuey, Yaani King Mondschein as cristine, Raquel Davies as female sneakerhead are also there in the show playing their respective characters.

Well, there will surely be many more supporting cast members that will add up to the storyline and laughter of the show, we just need to wait for the show to release in order to find that out.

Sneakerheads: Plot

Devin, a former sneakerhead turned stay-at-home dad, finds himself back in the sneaker game and $5,000 in debt after falling for a friend’s trap. The show then follows the story of Devin as he tries hard to get his money back. He takes help from a weird group of fellow shoe fanatics and this team of the shoe fanatics then goes out on an impossible mission of finding a particular pair of coveted kicks. The events which the unfolds during this search are rib-tickling.

To follow the rest of the story, to find out weather Davin fulfils his mission or not and also to know how much this series can make you laugh, you must watch it, reader, and then let us know your personal review for the same.

Here is the link for the Netflix trailer of the show in case you haven’t watched it yet. Check it out right now by clicking on the link given below. 

Comedy is the most popular genre and weather a person like the star cast or catch up with the storyline of the show or not, nobody wants to miss out the gags and giggles that the comedy shows have to offers.

We promise to meet you soon with another interesting news article, just stay tuned and stay safe that’s all we ask for.



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