Netflix’s Army Of The Dead Spin-Off Features Gruesome Zombie Killings

Source: CinemaBlend

Army of the Dead has been a huge smash for Netflix, with two spin-offs already in the works, but there’s a new one out now on YouTube called Guzman of the Dead 420. 

Army Of The Dead Spin-Off With Gory Zombie Kills – What You Should Know

This new spin-off involves Mikey Guzman (Ral Castillo) from the original film, who is shooting some zombie kills in Las Vegas for his YouTube channel, which is perfect for our social media age. 

Guzman of the Dead 420 is essentially what would happen if Army of the Dead had a social media staff, with Guzman serving as the Zombie Killing Influencer with all the marketing deals.

Source: Screen Rant

With the opportunity to continue with more brutal zombie deaths, it looks like this is a spin-off that could keep on giving, so keep an eye on it. We’ll have to wait and see on that one, but we do know that an Army of the Dead prequel feature and an animated series are on the way

“I’m tremendously pleased for the opportunity to work with Netflix again as we expand the Army of the Dead universe with both an international prologue and exploring the visually spectacular world of animation,” Snyder said in a statement. Netflix has Army of the Dead available to watch.

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