Netflix’s New Rising Star Who Deserves All Your Attention!


As you might be aware, with the start of the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been a huge influx of posts recommending various books and movies made by and about Black people. And most of the time, the plot focuses only on the injustice faced by the black.

This is not the kind of representation many black people want either. Though they certainly don’t have it easy, it doesn’t mean that they are just sad beings.

And the vibrant film The Forty-Year-Old Version by Radha Blank does just that. It does show us the hardships Radha goes through as a young, passionate playwright/ rapper who is trying to make a mark in the industry. And what makes the movie different is how it tells all with underlying humor.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here-

The whole film is shot in black and white, which makes it more authentic somehow. The story makes us understand how hard it is to be a black woman in a sexist and racist place while striving to make the art she loves.

At the end of the day, she faces the questions every unprivileged artist faces- sell your soul or get bread on your plate. 

The movie has been screened in many film festivals around the start of this year and has won many awards too. And this October, Netflix got the permission to make available for the viewers to stream around the world.

Hope you watch the movie. And if you do, don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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Even as a little girl, I was fascinated by words. The idea of stringing words together to form meaningful sentences which could alter the emotions of other human beings excited me. At first I wrote fiction. It gave me a chance to live the different lives I’ve always wanted to. The way my friends reacted when they read my story gave me the greatest of joys. As I grew older, I realised that there are thousands of stories of people around me that deserved to be told. Then I started incorporating their stories to my fictional stories. Over the time, I leaned more towards article writing. I have always felt that writing is my super power. A power I could wield to bring joy and comfort to me and the people I care about.


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