Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4 tweeted a picture confirming a return to the upside down



  • After a long wait, the production of Stranger Things season 4 has finally begun.
  • Stranger Things series is back with its cryptic game, and this time, it has revealed something huge about the fourth season.
  • There is a high chance of the return to the parallel dimension called Upside Down.

Inside Story

Impatient fans of Stranger Things are waiting to receive every tiny detail about their favorite series. Recently, the production of season 4 got started, and they couldn’t contain their excitement. After the announcement of the production, fans know that now they will surely get any recent updates about the series. So we are here to provide you crispy insights about the upcoming season.

Since the debut of Stranger Things in 2016, the show has brought 80s fashion back to the 21st century. But along with that, it has also brought, horror and adventure. All thanks to Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) supernatural powers, see can see the alternate dimension called Upside Down. In the first season, she had accidentally opened its gate, which exists underneath the human world.

Ever since, the Mind Flayer and Demogorgons have been emerging from the portal and spreading in Hawkins, Indiana. Along with other tv shows and films, Stranger Things season 4 faced months of delays due to the ongoing pandemic. At the beginning of this year, the production of season 4 began but was closed after a few weeks.

A trailer was released, which showed Chief Hopper (David Harbour) being alive, but he is in Russia. He survived the explosion, but fans are puzzled about how he ended up in Russia. The explosion happened in the Upside Down’s latest gate, which closed it permanently. The series started its production and also teased the fans with a picture. Fans can expect the Upside Down to return in the fourth season.

Recently, Stranger Things official Twitter account posted a photo confirming the resuming of production. If we see the picture carefully, we can notice a clock that is ominously lit and clapperboard in front of it. We can see hues that are only present in the alternate dimension. The caption of the tweet indicated the current world in the Upside Down. You can see the tweet below.

In the past, all the social media accounts of have cryptically teased the fans about season 4. When the upcoming season got announced, their Twitter account posted a video in September 2019, an upside-down smiley face, and a tweet featured two emojis: a clock. Furthermore, its Instagram account also changed its bios and pictures to a picture that is only seconds away from striking 12. 


There is some relation between these emojis and the clock. The recent background of the Upside Down implies that fans can expect time manipulation in the parallel dimension. Sounds interesting, right? For now, we have only limited details about the upcoming season. We will upload a new article with fresh news about Stranger Things season 4.


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