Netflix’s The Forty-Year-Old Version starring writer and director Radha Blank is now streaming globally!


Since the initial release of The Forty-Year-Old Version film on October 2, 2020, on Netflix, Radha Blank had grabbed the attention of the viewers.

In her entire career, she has spent several years trying to impress the world of theater, and now she is ready to chase her dreams. Indeed, dreams don’t expire, and it is not late if you decide to start your career after 40.

Radha Blank stars in The Forty-Year-Old Version Film

Last month, Radha Blank woke up to a mundane morning, did her chores, and went to Riverbank State Park. She sat on the bench basking in the later summer sun. The vehicles passed her below, and wasps were flying all over the garbage bin.

Blank was wearing her face mask and looking at the world with a different perception. She knew that nothing could kill her vibe. 

A small dog in a zebra-striped jacket paused and passed the urine. Blank felt that the dog just blessed them. She still remembers the day she visited Hamilton Heights block for shooting the upcoming Netflix film. To the viewer’s surprise, Blank acted in The Forty-Year-Old Version and directed it too.

Blank played the role of herself, who is a struggling playwright and thinks that the only way she can salvage her voice as an artist is by becoming a rapper. She passed many big opportunities a few decades back, and now she feels its the right time to shine.

The movie tries to tell the viewers that self-discovery does not have a specific age. It comes to you when the time is right.

One night her life completely changed when she met a producer who asked her to write a book for a Harriet Tubman musical. That night, she spent sobbing into a carton of takeout ribs.

But the next morning, she woke up as a new person and dreamed of a new career. After the film’s release, Blanka said that the movie looks more groundbreaking because someone like her is behind the camera and in the front of the camera.

She pondered on the Riverbank scene, where she told agent, Archie (Peter Y. Kim), to think about her doing Hip Hop to which her agent asked ‘doing what to it?’ She feels therapeutic after coming to a spot she is in right now. She said that she was nervous back then and everybody was like will it work?

The Forty-Year-Old Version premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, which got shot on 35-millimeter black-and-white film. After her victory, she decided to release her movie on Netflix. The viewers are loving it, and it worked! The best part of the film is its comedic approach and an inspirational story. 


Screw people who think that heroes of the film can’t look like Radha Blank, who is a Black woman and not an ingénue. Even if her work isn’t spotless, but the events in the film are based on true events. Her brother plays the role of her brother. The film is simple yet groundbreaking at the same time.

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