Netflix’s The Sandman: What’s Happening?


Superhero Genre

There are certain genres that please people of all age group and if not all then at least the most. And among these cluster of genres one such genres that you and I can’t resist is the Superhero Genre. 

And the two names that stand out in this genre are Marvel and DC with a rivalry as hard Pepsi and Coca-Cola or Apple and Samsung in the smartphone world; they keep clashing on multiple occasions, fan comparisons, copied heroes and a ton of different variables.

Marvel or DC

But, the point of comparison that we are talking about is the portrayal of our heroes on screens if we quickly compare in the animated kingdom DC crushes Marvel hands down and Marvel blows a knock out to DC on the big screen with MCU under its belt. But it’s a different ball game on the OTT platforms well being honest Dc with its humongous characters and series run does runs over Marvel but , hey! They are indeed catching up but still far on the road we would say.

Netflix’s The Sandman: What’s Happening?

Why happened to Sandman?

DC keeping its fans and all the genre lovers excited with the announcement of its Netflix Series Sandman. However I guess even the superheroes aren’t immune to effects of the pandemic as the production comes to a haul until the things get back to normal. In the mean while Neil Gaiman the creator notified us that the writing is team is working from home and trying to put the creative ideas in a better spot to improve the script and the shooting will begin as soon as possible. 

He who controls the dreams

As Sandman is a personification of Dreams the stories around the character certainly make it sound like a dream series that we can’t wait to binge watch. Also we hope we get to see some of the family members of the character who each personify distinct concepts such as Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium (formerly Delight). Well if knowing that doesn’t get you excited then we don’t know what will.

Hope the excitement is worth the wait.

Regardless of when the series releases we hope that it is just as legit as the tagline used by the DC comics to introduce the character in 1988 in the comic The Sandman which says “I will show you terror in a handful of dust”.


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