Netrikan to be released on Disney+ Hotstar

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Nayanthara, a psychological thriller in which a blind woman uses her third eye, will be released on Disney+Hotstar on July 9. 

Last month, the actress, who has a massive fan base comparable to male superstars, told that she would only do films in which she played a female role. She also stated that she will no longer work in films starring male heroes.

Milind Rau manages ‘Netrikann,’ which is produced by Vignesh Shivan and Thomas Kim, Nayanthara’s business partner. Girish Gopalkrishn composed the music for the film, which also stars Ajmal Ameer, Manikandan, and Lizzie Anthony.

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The movie is a remake of ‘Blind’

According to reports, the film is an official remake of the Korean film “Blind” (2011). The plot of the Korean film, which was inspired by Terence Young’s 1967 thriller “Wait Until Dark,” follows a woman who witnesses a hit-and-run and sees a psychopathic murderer as a result of the hit-and-run.

The teaser for Netrikann reveals that Nayanthara is a girl with a visual impairment who is guided by her guide dog. There are some graphic images of young women splashing blood and a terrified man screaming. They’re terrified that something terrible will happen. Nayanthara appears to be toughening up in preparation for her confrontation with the murderer.

The teaser concludes with a man on the phone telling Nayanthara, “Your eyes see nothing.” But you’re the only thing my eyes see.” The film’s creators have not been given any information about the project.

Nayanthara has previously appeared in a psychological thriller. In her second film, directed by veteran film maker Fazil, she made a psychological thriller called “Vismayathumbathu” after making her debut in Malayalam cinema. Nobody but Megastar Mohanlal was the cast opposite of her in the film.

Nayanthara had the opportunity to work with Rajnikanth, the superstar, in his blockbuster Chandramuchhi, as a woman with a vengeful spirit. In the 2019 horror thriller ‘Airaa,’ Nayanthara played a double role in the spirit of vengeance.

‘Netrikann,’ which was released in theatres earlier this year, is also in the thriller genre. The pandemic shifted the film’s release date, and the producers appear to have decided on an OTT release.

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