New Netflix Ratings Help Explain Why Criminal Mind is Being Rebooted So Soon!!

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

Criminal Mind Season Finale 

It is the biggest hit for CBS. The series ran for 15 seasons, the 15th season was the final one. The last season wrapped up in February 2020. But as the season finale took place, soon after it was announced that the revival of the most loved show is already planned, which left the fans surprised. The tradition of making reboots are very common these days, but fans need to wait for years for the reboots, but this time it was unexpected.

The first 12 seasons of Criminal Mind are currently streaming on Netflix, which means three more seasons are still to be explored by the Netflix subscribers. Netflix has released a rating list enlisting the top shows that tell why Criminal Mind is being rebooted so soon. The dark drama series ran for 15 seasons, still, the fans can’t have enough of the show. 

Netflix Rating

It is not very shocking to know that Criminal Mind is in the Top 10 list of the streaming shows released on Thursday. Not just that it is at the top of the most-watched shows from the last week in January. Criminal Minds ranked number one, streamed for crazy 984 million minutes while Bridgerton stands at number two, reached a streaming time of 936 million minutes. Although, it is told that this time is recorded only via television sets, which means it has not included the minutes of streaming from the mobile apps.

The Reboot is coming soon

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

The popularity and the success of the series already justify why the decision of its reboot was made soon after the season finale. The revival is all set to air on Paramount+. This reboot is going to be extra special for the fans as there are chances that most of the main cast from the finale season might reprise their roles again. People who are bingeing the show on Netflix are just eager to know if Reid and J.J will end up together or not by the end of the finale. 

The new Criminal Mind will be following one case over its 10-episode season. Moreover, the creative team for the upcoming revival is already set to function, and the showrunner Erica Messer is expected to return to the show as well.

We all need to see what happens in the coming time so for all the updates follow the space and stay tuned with us.


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