New Netflix Series “Young Royals” about a young Swedish Prince

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If you’re looking forward to the reboot of HBO’s Max Gossip Girl or the next season of The Crown, this new Netflix drama could be the answer to your prayers (which will only be available in 2022). Young Royals is a wacky teen drama set in modern Sweden that debuted on Netflix earlier this week.

The series followed a young prince Wilhelm, a gay Swedish student who enrolled at a prestigious new boarding school. For the first time, he is free to explore his sexuality, but his royal duties jeopardise his young research.

Netflix’s ‘Young Royal’ official synopsis is as follows: “

When Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) enrols at the prestigious Hillerska boarding school, he has the opportunity to discover his true self and the life he truly desires. Wilhelm begins to imagine a future free of royal obligations, filled with freedom and unconditional love – but when he unexpectedly becomes next in line for the throne, he is forced to make a decision. Oh, is it love or duty?”


A royal coming-of-age drama with queer characters? It doesn’t get much more exciting for new TV than that. If you want to treat yourself to a vacation this weekend on July 4th, you can watch six episodes of Young Royals online.

August (Malte Grdinger), Wilhelm’s cousin who acts as headboy of school and bosses everyone around, quickly shows Wilhelm the ropes at school. But no one is more ecstatic about the prince’s arrival than Felice (Nikita Uggla). Despite August’s concern for her, Felice wishes to marry the king. August and Felice are two of the most common characters in affluent college teen dramas. They’re both enormous, but they’re both deeply unhappy.

Wilhelm, who wanted to attend regular school, is led to the non-resident student Simon after hearing him sing in a school chorus (Omar Rudberg). Simon and his sister Sara (Frida Argento), two scholarship students, are social outcasts who don’t seem to mix with their peers. Their family is not as privileged and wealthy as the rest of the students at the school. These two characters save the series from the stereotypical teen drama of the over-privileged children of the elite school.

A sweet royal lovestory

The six episodes series revolve around Wilhelm and Simon’s blossoming relationship. This series is intriguing in part because of the great chemistry between the two young actors. In this film, a prince and a commoner who appear to be incapable of falling in love are updated and modernised in fairytales and romantic comedies (e.g. Cinderella).

Young Royals is a well-written, well-directed YA/teen series with a diverse, real-life teen cast. This easily bingeable series appears to have reached its target audience so far.

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