New on Netflix: Makers revealed Atypical season 4 will be the final chapter


A Netflix teenage drama, Atypical gets a green flag for the fourth and final chapter of the series. The web series premiered its last season in November 2019. The executive producer/ director Seth Gordon and executive producer/creator Robia Rashid declared that Atypical last and final season would be a 10-episode drama. Out of many Netflix original comedy web series over the last couple of years, just a few made it to the fourth season. Atypical enters a very skinny list of web series that also includes The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie, The Ranch, and Fuller House.

In association with Weird Brain Inc and Exhibit A, Netflix, original series, Atypical is produced by Sony Pictures Television. The story is about Sam (Keir Gilchrist), a teenage boy suffering from the autism spectrum. All his life, he has been guided and protected by his parents. Now, he wants independence and love. Sam’s character is funny blended with the emotional struggles of an autism patient. He is on the path of self-discovery, while the rest of the family grapples with struggles of their own. 

New on Netflix: Makers revealed Atypical season 4 will be the final chapter

The pivotal theme of the web series states ‘what does it really mean to be normal?’ The fourth season is speculated to give the answer to the same. We are anticipating that it would end on a note where nothing normal would be considered perfectly normal. In the last season of Atypical, Sam Gardner played by actor Keir Gilchrist starts college. Initially, he struggles with social situations but after getting proper guidance, he performs meticulously in art projects. He even loses virginity to Paige Hardaway aka Jenna Boyd. She has been his long time love interest in the show. 

Sam’s parents, Doug portrayed by Michael Rapaport and Elsa played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, were shown dealing with the troubles of their marriage. Casey aka Brigette Lundy-Paine (Sam’s sister), hangs between boyfriend Evan Chapin (Graham Rogers) and classmate Izzie (Fivel Stewart). The final episode closes on a happy note on relationships where Doug and Elsa (Sam’s parents) resolve their issues. Casey and Izzie come together. Sam manages to save his relationship with Paige. However, in all this, he misses his midterm Ethics exam that could cost repercussions in his collegiate goals.

In the fourth season of Atypical, it is anticipated that Sam would be seen struggling with his college life and relationship. Casey would be seen creating a balance between Izzie and Evan. Doug and Elsa might be shown rediscovering their relationship. The final chapter is speculated to focus more on teenagers’ side. In Sam’s character, actor Kier Gilchrist would once again return on the show. The rest of the star cast is also stipulated to be the same. As per the latest news on Atypical S4, the premiere date would be somewhere in mid-2021. The Peabody Award-nominated web series has successfully conquered both worlds. Atypical has won respectable viewership with devoted fans and critical acclaims.


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