New Spider-Man 3 Set Pictures Disclosed Tom Holland’s Latest Spider-Man Suit


Recently, new set photos of Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 has surfaced on the internet. Haven’t watched Tom Holland’s MCU Peter Parker new Spider-Man suit yet? Don’t worry! We have shared all the details, along with the pictures of Spider-Man’s new costume design in this article. Happy reading!

Spider-Man 3 Set Photo Reveals New Photos of Peter Parker’s Spider-Suit

Marvel Studios and Sony gained huge success after launching two Spider-Man films. Currently, they are working on the third part of the film series, which is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In late 2020, the filming began with Tom and Zendaya reprising their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane, respectively. Marvel has not disclosed the cast, plot, or even the title of Spider-Man 3 to the world. And as usual, leaks and rumors are spreading on the internet.

Recently, new pictures of Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 revealed an updated version of the Spider-Man suit. The pictures were shared by Just Jared. If we take a close look at the new suit, then you will see minor updates. And if we take a look back at Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man’s suit had a small black section in the red waistline that split the black parts of his suit.

These sections have been completely removed from Spidey’s suit. Aside from this, we can also see Tom wearing a mask between the takes. It indicates to us that Harry Holland, the younger sibling of Tom, has a role in Spider-Man 3. You can take a look at the new Spider-Man costume below.

 We have no clue why such an update was made to Spider-Man’s suit for Spider-Man 3. The change is so minor that not many viewers will recognize the difference between the suit in the second and third instalments.

Many times, new costume design helps to sell the toys for new films, but a change this small does not fit the standards. But now, after spotting the new suit, it will be fascinating to see how the new film addresses the new look and if Peter Parker has gained other powers along with it.

Final Words

Spider-Man 3 has entered the third month of production. The cast and crew have managed to shoot without any delays, which is good news for fans. Marvel and Sony also shared the released date of the film in Phase 4, which is in December 2021. The production is on track, and if it continues at this speed, we can expect a teaser of Spider-Man 3 within a few months. We hope Marvel and Sony don’t change the release date again.

Stay tuned for more Marvel-related news.


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