New trailer leaked by Suicide Squad cast which also gives closer to villain

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The ensemble of The Suicide Squad again ‘leaves’ the ultimate trailer in their evil ways. Jai Courtney, Alice Braga and other cast members have spoken on the smuggling images of the film, even if this is essentially a response to a previously leaking unapproved version.

In this footage, fans may glimpse at Starro, the principal enemy, an alien Starfish that shoots small drones out of his flap. Pleasant inquiries John Cena’s Peacemaker asks the boss Amanda Waller of the team about the mass hunting of a starfish at the briefing: “For a butthole, starfish is a slang phrase. Any connection?

“No,” Amanda Waller replied with annoyance. In essence, Waller has more trouble with her hands after her jail for assassinating Superman when she chases Bloodsport (Idris Elba) into the squad.

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Director James Gunn pointed out recently at the cruise of Superman: “Bloodsport is in prison because he’s been kryptonite.” In this circumstance, if you believe these covers, he might not be a bad guy. But he didn’t kill him in the ICU.” A bit further video from Sean Gunn’s Weasel, who freaks his fellow members, is included in the ‘leaked’ teaser.

In explaining that “man-sized” weasel is essentially not harmful, save from the fact that it murdered “like twenty kids,” Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) tries to calm the team down. 

The Suicide Squad was released on July 30 in UK movie theatres and released on August 6 in the US in the movies and HBO Max.

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