New WUAB Channel 43 Horror Hosts Premiere ‘Big Bad B-Movie Show’ This Week: The Best of Bad Movies


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Here we are back with one more good news for horror shows fans. A fresh horror-host show is on the way to get premiered by the name “The Big bad B-movie show” on WUAB Channel 43, which nudges us about iconic horror movie show about “Cleveland” with a pinch of modern essence.

Hosts of the show, Zachariah Durr and Laura Wimbells, with their backstage name Leopold and Lenora are going to entertain us with their skit and comedy and along with they are going to give us chills and spooks on every Saturday by its horror films.

Inspiration and first episode:

The concept of the show has been derived from WJB Channel 8’s “Shock Theatre” in which the host was Ghoulardi, “The Frank and Drac Show” premiering on WOIO channel 19, along with one more show, “Superhost” premiering on WUAB.

The first episode of “The Big bad B-movie show” is going to get premiered on 17 October 2020, Saturday which is going to feature “Attack of the Giant Leeches”, a 1950s creature featured movie that revolved around the life of a backwoods warden and a doctor who figured about the swamp deaths for which giant leeches were responsible and the fact was not believed by local police. 


Few words with Zachariah Durr:

On the matter of the show, Durr says that he grew up watching the local television and also expressed about her never-ending love for comedy and horror. She says that the show was like real tv with a tiny budget which is very perfect for her and her partner. She also revealed that she and her partner are going to have commercial spoofs of different niches. 

Durr is a former storyteller. She is a video producer with WUAB and WOIO and took up hosting when it was launched with the motive of filling gaps created by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Few words with Laura Wimbells:

A photographer, storyteller, and actress, Wimbells has revealed that there were only seven channels that she grew up watching. And channel 43 was her favorite when she wanted to see a weekend horror movie. 

Hope that everyone is going to give a try to the show and the show is not going to disappoint all I am sure!!

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