New York Cinemas: Reopening After The Worst Hit Of The Coronavirus Pandemic Worldwide?


If you are in New York, dreaming all-day-long about movies and its associated little adventure trip to theatres, sorry folks you have to wait a little longer. 

As per Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York will keep the theatres closed for an undefined time. There are at least 10,000 theatre working population livelihoods that are affected due to its closure for more than 5 months now.

Although Cinemas are open in 45 other states, it is unlikely for you to see a movie soon in a theatre in New York.

There is a news headline as below which are popping up day-in and day-out:

  • Movie theatres remain shrouded in darkness: ‘We never thought it would be this long’
  • Movie theatres press New York State for the blessing to reopen
  • Broadway will be dark until 2021 because of the coronavirus — here are 3 reasons theatres could remain closed even longer
  • Coronavirus News: Owners of still-shuttered New York movie theatres plead for reopening
  • NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls Movie Theatres Riskier, Less Essential Than Other Businesses, No Word On Reopening

You can observe from these news titles only that how much pain the theatre owners, workers, and movie bugs like you and me are into by now.

Many movie theatre owners are pleading based on why the government has opened Bars, Gyms, Bowling allies, other sorts of amusement activities and places, where people spend endless hours chatting, drinking, playing, exercising, and all sorts of those things where the risk of infection is higher than in a theatre where people politely sit, watch a movie, and come back after a fixed number of hours.

By now you must be aware of the 2nd largest Movie state in the world, yes that’s New York after Los Angeles. If New York does not open gates for Movies soon, it will have gigantic ripple effects on the entire movie industry and Hollywood.

As per the reports, there are no instances of coronavirus spread from US Cinema since the reopening of 41 state theatres till now. The restriction of 30 people per hall, renovation of the seating area in the halls, and social distancing are showing its effects for keeping the people safe while they can enjoy the movies.

But as per Gov. Cuomo, the decision is based on the calculation of relative risk. As per the priority listing, New York has opened the most essential services first followed by other services, and movie theatres are the least needed services by now and the riskiest once. 

So as per the statement, we can’t just predict when you can enjoy your buttered popcorns in the theatres again, but we are sure, everything will happen at the right time until then stay safe and stay tuned with us for more amazing news like this.


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