Next Transformers Movie Will Not Arrive Before 2022, Find Out Every Detail On It


Transformers have taken us in the world of science fiction where we have seen a lot of some actions and humor too. Transformers is an American sci-fi film which integrates computer animation with live-action filming based on the Transformers toy line. 

The series has received negative as well as mixed reception but only Bumblebee was one sequel which received positive reviews from the critics as well as audience

All of the series is whopping 58% fresh rotten tomatoes, rating 7/10 on IMDb and 2/5 on Common Sense. 

Let’s move forward to know about the 6th sequel of Transformers!


According to some sources, the production company has announced to be renewed for season 7. But some sources said that the release might not before 2022 because  of the pandemic situation and other reasons, the principal photography can’t start properly. So fans might expect the release of season 7 in the mid of 2022. 

Next Transformers Movie Will Not Arrive Before 2022, Find Out Every Detail On It


As the cast of season 7 is not yet announced, we may expect the previous cast reprising their roles mmainly, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, and Rachael Taylor. But new characters are assumed to be making their entry in season 7 whereas old characters may or may not make their cameo or entry. 


Fans can expect the season 7 storyline as the powerful alien robots will invade earth to destroy the humans and their humanity

Thus, humans again have to face a battle against them. John Derderian the director, said that we would explore the expansive universe of Cybertron in a way where audiences had never seen before. 

So like Bumblebee sequel of Transformers, we can expect that the sixth season will also win the hearts of the transformers fan.

Stay tuned with us for knowing upcoming movies and series!

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