Nicolas Cage’s All-New Epic Movie Expected Soon To Arrive On Netflix, Here Is What You Should Know


Whatever your feelings about Nicolas Cage, we can all accept that he is never dull. His acting career got off to about as good a start as any actor could hope for. For his role in the 1995 film Leaving Las Vegas, he received an Academy Award. 

With roles in films like Face/Off, The Rock, and Gone in 60 Seconds, he became one of Hollywood’s most bankable leading men in the 1990s and early 2000s. His fortunes have dipped in recent years because many of his films are now available only on digital platforms. But, oh, he’s always a good meme.

Nic Cage is still Nic Cage, regardless of what film he’s in or how big the budget is. This entails a complete dedication to the task at hand.

But, oh, he’s always good for a good meme, right? Nic Cage is still Nic Cage, no matter what movie he’s in or how great the budget is. This entails complete dedication to the script, as well as plenty of over-the-top acting and mugging for the camera.

Jiu-Jitsu, a 2020 martial arts-sci-fi hybrid, is his most recent project. Cage isn’t the lead, but he’s by far the most well-known member of a cast that includes Frank Grillo, Juju Chan, and Tony Jaa, a martial arts expert. Jiu-Jitsu will soon be available on Netflix. Time will tell if it ranks among Nicolas Cages’ best films, but here’s when it’ll be available to watch online so you can decide for yourself.

When will you see Nic Cage fight a bunch of extraterrestrials?

Following What’s on Netflix these days? On March 20, 2021, Jiu-Jitsu will be added to the streaming service.

Brax, a space alien with night vision and invisibility abilities, visits Earth every six years to attempt to destroy our planet, according to Jiu-Jitsu.

Only an ancient order of fighters who, naturally, all practice jiu-jitsu, are capable of stopping it.

Reviewers like Simon Abrams of have voiced their dissatisfaction with the film, comparing it to Predator but with martial arts (which we don’t think is a dig).

It’s based on Dimitri Logothetis and Jim McGrath’s 2017 comic book of the same name. The film was also scripted by Logothetis. Cage plays Wylie, a middle-aged eccentric who offers advice to the jiu-jitsu fighters as they travel. He also has a few altercations with demons.

Professional critics haven’t been kind to Jiu-Jitsu, as mentioned above, but it does have a 72 percent Rotten Tomatoes audience score, which is clearly more significant for a film like this.

Jiu-Jitsu isn’t going to win any Oscars, but martial arts enthusiasts and Nicolas Cage fans should certainly watch it.


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