Nicole Scherzinger blew kisses at Baby Alien, The Masked Singer’s ‘cutest singer ever’ but was shocked when he flirted back


The 42-year-old frontwoman of Pussycat Dolls declared she wanted to “adopt” Baby Alien and blew several kisses towards him but was absolutely stunned when he reciprocated.

The competitor sang a wonderful rendition of the George Michael ballad, ‘Faith’. The singer gave him a standing ovation and blew kisses to him. She insisted “I’m going to adopt Baby Alien” and that she “wants to take him”.

But she became embarrassed when the masked figure proclaimed his love for her and her co-star Jenny McCarthy. “I come to planet Earth and share a hidden talent. I’m a big fan of Pussycat Dolls. Also big fan of Jenny McCarthy” he said. “I had your poster on the wall as a teenager” he added to the latter.

Jenny, 47, was also taken aback and awkward over the confession. She laughed it off. Nicole’s mouth fell open and she blushed at the frank declaration.

Nicole, dressed in a sequined purple mini-dress, later tweeted that Baby Alien has “the CUTEST costume by far”.

Her guess about the identity of the singer under the from-outer-space mask was David Schwimmer from Friends.

The end of the episode brought another shock when Oscar-winner Mickey Rourke, 68, self-eliminated by taking off his mask after a rather bad performance of ‘Stand by Me’. It was the first time a contestant had self-eliminated from the show.

The anchor, Nick Cannon, attempted to stop the actor but he had already taken off his gremlin mask. Fans were displeased. Reactions ranged from displeasure over the anti-climactic nature of revealing himself to the unpleasantness of his singing.

One person tweeted “This episode was confusing and just not entertaining…but the Seahorse and the Serpent were amazing.”

Another said, “So uh… that was the weirdest episode of #TheMaskedSinger ever.”


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