Nicolette Stone from the Neighbours’ raises concern with baby slip-up.

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The fear for David Tanaka and Brennan on the UK screens next week will be sparked by Neighbours’ Nicolette Stone when she makes a slip-up kid before Pierce Greyson.

This occurs not much after Nicolette laments the destruction of the marriage album by Chloe Brennan, as her insecurity rises over Pierce’s return to Erinsborough. Pierce will organise the following scenes to print out the wedding photos to replace those torn up and present them back to Chloe.

Nicolette is outraged at this, believing that Pierce is trying to make the situation look nice. But Nicolette makes things worse when she states that Pierce is jealous because she had a baby with Chloe, though the baby is indeed David and Aaron.

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As Pierce calls her delusional, Nicolette regrets her comment. Though Pierce pledged Hendrix not to interfere in his connection with Chloe and Nicolette, he believes that Chloe and everyone else ought to know about Nicolette’s tongue slip.

At first, Nicolette says about Chloe and David, and despite her apologies, neither of them is thrilled with her. In the end, Pierce talks to Brother Leo of David on the comment of Nicolette when the couple finishes selling Leo’s vineyards.

After hearing a chat, Leo eventually believes Pierce’s fears for Nicolette, where she alleviates David’s concerns regarding her child. However, Leo doesn’t think that Nicolette was honest. In Waterhole, before they plan on the protection of David and Chloe, Léo, Pierce and Paul Robinson complain of Nicolette. Pierce proposes a plan.

David subsequently urges Aaron to go past Nicolette, and the trio attends the pre-natal session. But Nicolette doesn’t go well with Chloe, and David and Aaron are starting to feel pushed out.

Neighbours are being aired on Tuesday, 13 July, 14 July, and 16 July at 1.45 and 15.30 on Channel 5. 

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